quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011

Rikimaru should be the next hero added

A new update was released in an official blog blog.dota2.com talking about the most serious problems of the original DotA. The famous leavers. So far they had only collected the data, but from now on will begin to test new systems. They also mention that sometimes there are non-obvious reasons for people having to leave a game, how to receive an important call, problems with computer, internet down, etc.. So they will enjoy the new beta to test systems that might affect the system acutely.

Curious was the name of the news "steeled and tempered," which is one of the phrases uttered by Rikimaru. Valve is famous for its little teasers and this is a great indication that we should be seeing him soon, most likely in the update on Thursday. Last week, the news on the viewers, the photo was the Kunkka and he left the last update.

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