sábado, 24 de setembro de 2011

Playable DotA 2 Coming Soon

IceFrog has made an important announcement regrading DotA 2 Beta on the development blog. It reveals some valuable information about the upcoming DotA 2 beta (public). It seems Valve has modified the DotA 2 release date & model and pushed for early release.

Previously, Valve was planning to release DotA 2 after spending a year or so in Closed beta and by slowly rolling out new updates like IceFrog did with Defense of the Ancients. But, now after receiving overwhelming response by the community after The International event. They are looking forward to provide playable version of DotA 2 to cash the popularity. Moreover, Valve has lifted the DotA 2 Non-Disclosure Agreement, allowing the players to legally share in-game, videos, screenshots, shoutcast matches etc.

It is indeed astonishing that a company like Valve is striving hard to release a ‘game’ in fast-track and keeping community in favor. In the near future, There will be two kinds of Beta, Private for Valve’s employees & professional players and regular for the public testing. Valve is still accepting registrations for DotA 2 Beta, make sure you’ve signed-up for it.

11 comentários:

  1. New DotA and old, well-known crammed Steam servers... aww snap, this kind of problems kills my very soul everytime they occurs.

  2. My god this game is going to be so awesome :)

  3. i play dota almost 5 years, but if the gameplay will be the same i will play and DOTA 2 :)

  4. All we have to do now is wait... wait... wait...