sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

Juggernaut added in DotA 2

In his weekly update done every Thursday night, Valve has just released a new patch. The big news is that the hero Juggernaut was added to the pool of heroes! Valve on the official website jokes that this patch was certainly the most important of all, as the Juggernaut was released. In addition there have been several bug fixes and some new features to the interface.

Listed below are the most important updates:

  • When you leave the mouse over the damage, it will show your attack speed, movement speed and other information (at last before it was not possible to read this information anywhere).
  • New placeholders for the secret shop and sideshops
  • New display system for day and night
  • The picture of the hero is black and white when you die
  • You can move items in your inventory while you are dead

Check out a video of the Juggernaut!

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